complete house refurbishments

Do you want your home to get refurbished? ZU Construction Ltd can help! We deal with all refurbishment services including adding extensions, loft conversions, and what not! Just let us know the part of your property that you want to be redone or refurbished and we will make it happen. We also offer complete house refurbishments ensuring efficiency, reliability, and affordability. 

Our highly dedicated and committed team aims to transform your house into a place that you always envisioned it to be. We work closely with our customers, create a friendly environment, discuss their requirements and then address them accordingly. Contact us now and leave the rest on us!
complete house refurbishments
all aspects of joinery and carpentry

all aspects of joinery and carpentry

ZU Construction Ltd is London’s leading Carpentry and Joinery Company. We are a team of well-known contractors, designers, and carpenters who work tirelessly to ensure that they provide excellent services to domestic as well as commercial entities. We have experience of 25 years and have a well-developed client portfolio. 

Our team combines its experience and vast knowledge of joinery and carpentry to meet and exceed your expectations. We specialize in all aspects of joinery and carpentry and our services are second to none! Our services are tailored according to the needs of our customers and we always use a blend of traditional and modern techniques to create something out-of-the-box!
plastering, painting and decorating
ZU Construction Ltd plastering, painting, and decorating services are in demand by our customers as our highly dedicated, skilled and experienced team of painters and plasterers work seamlessly to ensure a professional and beautiful finish.
neat floor installations
We specialize in the tiling of walls and floors. Being professionals, we offer excellent craftsmanship to create a trendy and unique look for your home. Tiles are far more durable than carpet and the tile design can be customized according to your wish.
professional tiling of walls and floors
ZU Construction Ltd with decades of experience we specialize in wood, carpet, tile and many other floor installations for all your residential as well as workplace needs. You should rest assured that your installation will be done neatly, on-time and with the highest level of care.
plumbing and heating service
Our efficient and cost-effective plumbing and heating services are known in London. Our team is qualified to fix any plumbing and heating issues. Whether your boiler is broken, or your vanity has a leakage issue – We fix it all! You will never regret considering us as your choice!