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Loft Conversion in London

Loft Conversion in London

The loft area is usually the most spacious uninterrupted space in your house. By putting a lot of thought into your loft conversion project, you can potentially open up a whole other section of usable living space.

Planning Permission
If you intend to extend or alter the roof space beyond its specified limits, you're going to need a planning permission. Otherwise, you are free toperform loft conversion as a part of permitted development procedures, which don’t require you to apply for any permissions.

In order to be in line with the permitted development regulations in UK, there are certain regulations that will have to be met by your project. For more information, you should look into your local laws for restructuring work.

Height of the Loft
The first thing you should concern yourself with is the distance between the floor and highest peak. A typical space that can be considered for loft conversion should be at least two and a half meters high, in order to allow plenty of room for your head when standing up.

Your New Stairs
After that, you need to find the best place for stairs. The comfort level of this makeover is going to depend a lot on the location and functionality of the stairs, so make use to really think it over.

Condition of the Roof
The current roofing structure might not have mattered as much before, but it should be examined inspected for any dark stains, possible leaks and damaged areas now that you're considering to make it part of a new living space in your home. Any problems must be eliminated and the roof made water-proof and sound-proof before the work on loft conversion begins.

Planning Your Project
You have probably already run through different ideas in your mind, but now is the time to develop a realistic plan of loft conversion for your new living space. There are generally two different approaches to this process.

Window conversion can be completed with minimum expenses and restructuring effort. It features wide windows that result in much brighter living space, in addition to looking quite stylish from the street. This is usually considered to be the easier option.

Dormer conversion reaches beyond the roof and uses the available window space to expand your new living area. This results in much more room for your head and utilizes the precious space that would be lost otherwise. Of course, these benefits involve significantly more structure work and come at a much higher cost than a typical window conversion project.

Starting Loft Conversion
You may have planned your loft conversion, but making that project a reality can be quite difficult due to the structural and extension changes that need to be made. All of that involves a lot of work and might be out of reach even to the most competent DIY enthusiasts.

This is why the majority of property owners who actually go through with their plans choose to use the services of a professional construction and development company that specializes in loft conversion. Their skills will ensure that all your requirements are met and the process results in high quality living space that will not require frequent maintenance or any additional changes.
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