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Calling all Builders London has a new boom

Calling all Builders London has a new boom

Now I have found myself going to some quotes in tiny villages that are miles away. Seriously by the time I have risked life and limb along some windy country roads, I realise I have been driving for well over an hour. This got me thinking, where else is a good hour away down the motorway. Thats when I realised even the outskirts of london are not that far from the midlands. So I thought why not stick an advert in paper and see where it gets me.

However I was not going to hold my breath because for locals looking for builders London has millions. But to my surprise because of my comparably cheap prices in areas from Watford back up to even Milton Keynes I started getting lots of phone calls.

As a builder phone calls often means quotes which also means you are not guaranteed the job. But hey word of mouth spreads fast so I knew that all I had to do was get a good couple builds under my belt and then pray that word of mouth does the rest. This did not pan out as I expected, I didn't get big builds so I took a chance and took on some small maintenance jobs for a landlord with a couple of student houses. As per usual I gave it 100% and this seemed to hit a real note with the customer because before I knew it he had me working on new bathrooms and kitchens for these houses. He spread the word among other landlords and before I could blink that was it diary full for many many months.

After chatting with a few of the landlords it turns out that they struggle to get the handymen and builders london has because they want the big jobs or are chasing contracts deep in the riches of the city. Not only that but since tuition fees have increased students have started opting for a better standard of accommodation. Landlords never want a student house empty because if they don't get a tenant it lies empty for a full year. So these guys are really trying to keep ahead to get their houses rented. This means there is a lot of continuing work because students will always wear and tear properties quicker than a homeowner does.

Sure, the housing market has slowed and yes this means less demand for us builders however if you think outside the box you will realise there is a property boom happening and it is in every city that has a university. As all these extra halls are built by the universities landlords are worried because the competition is for ever increasing, this means they have to up their game. This means they need new kitchens, new bathrooms, maybe even new extensions. So if you are not too far away fellow builders London could be good place to try.
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